Lamb BBQ Méchoui  


What we Bring:

  1. BulletUp to 4 each 40 lb Fraser Valley Lambs (maximum of 120 guests)

  2. BulletCharcoal, smoking wood, 10’ x 10’ Awning, Serving &  prep Tables, Cooking Equipment, Serving Equipment, paper plates, plastic cutlery and cups

plus a selection of:

  1. BulletPita or Persian Lavash Bread

  2. BulletMint Sauce

  3. BulletCumin Dipping Salt

  4. BulletLamb Demi Glace Butter Sauce

(please e-mail Adam to discuss options, changes, extras, etc...)

  1. set up is 24 to 36 hours in advance

  2. on site cooking could be up to 12 hours

prices begin at: $50 per person, minimum 25 guests