Shindigs & PArties


What we Bring:

Charcoal, smoking wood, 10’ x 10’ Awning, Serving &  prep Tables, Cooking Equipment, Serving Equipment, paper plates, plastic cutlery and cups

and then:

  1. BulletPulled Pork Shoulder & Beef Brisket; Barbecue Competition Style


  1. BulletRibs ‘n Chicken: Pork Side Ribs & Fraser Valley Chicken


  1. BulletThe Clam Bake: BC Clams, Oysters, Black Cod, Salmon, Halibut & Sausages

plus a selection of:

  1. BulletSmokey Lime Red BBQ Sauce

  2. BulletCarolina Mustard Vinegar Sauce

  3. BulletBBQ Pit Beans (vegetarian)

  4. BulletFresh Corn Bread

  5. BulletWater Melon Salad

  6. -set up is 24 to 36 hours in advance

  7. -on site cooking could be up to 18 hours for pork & brisket; 5 hours for ribs and chicken and 3 hours for clam bakes

  8. -(please e-mail Adam to discuss options, changes, extras, etc...)

prices begin at: $20 per person, minimum 25 guests

Pulled Pork & Beef Brisket Sandwich Buffets 
Ribs ‘N Chicken BBQs
Clam Bakes